Facing sluggish growth, CPG brands must focus on cannibalizing the existing market share of others by prioritizing digital distribution and strategically allocating their marketing budgets. The top brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Home Care all claim standout investments in digital, from their sites to their social footprint.

Top Home Care brands1. Tide

The sole Genius brand in L2’s ranking, Tide boasts an outstanding site replete with how-to videos, reviews, coupons, and social links. One of just a few brands with widespread earned mentions on household and coupon blogs, Tide also has a healthy cross-platform presence, topping the Index with almost 180,000 Twitter followers and half of the top 10 most-watched YouTube videos.

2. Seventh Generation

The brand displays the best SEM efforts in the Index, competitively bidding against Tide. Seventh Generation also incentivizes loyalty on its brand site with the “Generation Good” program and appears against the most non-branded searches across categories on Costco.

3. Clorox

Clorox’s tweets generate more interactions than those by other top-10 brands thanks to a mix of educational content, e-tailer promotions, and repurposed user-generated content. The brand also scores outstanding category search visibility, with 1.44% SEO and 11.74% SEM ownership within the Surface Care category.

4. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

The brand enjoys high site traffic, with three times as many page views as the average Index brand. It’s the only top-10 brand whose site contains no links to third-party e-tailers. Instead, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day focuses on direct e-commerce, highlighting its subscription delivery service with deals and savings.

5. Kleenex

Kleenex drives high brand awareness with above-average desktop advertising investment and DIY content mentions on household blogs. As for social media, the brand’s all-in pay-to-play strategy on Facebook results in triple the interactions of its average competitor.

5. Cascade

Cascade is the most visible brand on Walmart, appearing on 63% of searches against Dish Care terms and performing at the 97th percentile on Amazon and Target. The brand also dominates SEM performance with the most visibility against both branded and unbranded Dish Care terms.

5. Lysol

Lysol outplays Surface Care competitors in email segmentation, sending emails to only 8% of its total list size. That judiciousness is echoed in the brand’s mobile ad strategy, with a 44-56% percent breakdown for indirect and direct impressions respectively and CPM that is half the Index average.

8. Bounty

Bounty’s YouTube channel is the most discoverable on YouTube, which helped the brand double its subscriber count in 2016, in addition to earning the most views in the Index for the “Who’s Training Who” video. Bounty also achieves above-average digital share of voice by heaping up impressions on top-quality publisher sites.

8. Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill’s bests category peers across social media platforms. The brand has a particularly strong Facebook presence, achieving over a million interactions and 10% community growth this year. Furthermore, the number of backlinks to its site helped the brand achieve the highest organic search visibility on category and brand terms, outperforming its competitive set.

10. Cottonelle

Cottonelle’s “What Is Texture” campaign garnered over a billion online interactions across desktop, mobile and video formats, the second-best performance in the Index. And the brand’s extensive use of Amazon programs such as Vine Voice beats other Paper Products brands.

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