With e-commerce expected to account for 78% of sales growth in the US CPG industry between now and 2020, brands are refining their digital strategies and increasing their presence on e-tailer partners and platforms. The top brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Home Care boast smart e-tailer strategies and site features that optimize content, enabling them to dominate the digital landscape.

1. Tide
Digital IQ: 145

A winner once again, Tide pairs tutorials on its website with trending how-to searches, showing prescient investments that drive consumers down-funnel. The brand also boasts impressive site traffic, with presence on more than 15% of category searches on Google. Additionally, with more videos than the following six brand channels combined, Tide takes the cake for top YouTube presence.

2. Clorox
Digital IQ: 144

Clorox joins Tide in the Genius category this year with best-in-class search visibility across e-tailers, including top ownership of search results on Amazon. Investment in educational content paid off for the brand in the form of site traffic, specifically 1.3 million monthly visits. The brand is also one of only two tracked brands that managed to double the size of its Instagram community this year.

3. Seventh Generation
Digital IQ: 142

Persistent use of text ads across branded and unbranded searches helped Seventh Generation soar to Genius status, boosting visibility in a crowded category. The brand also demonstrates skilled use of Instagram and Twitter, generating strong engagement to grow already large communities, and displayed twice as many headline ads on Amazon as its closest competitor to gain top search visibility.

4. Swiffer
Digital IQ: 138

Making up a quarter of Amazon Best Sellers in its category, Swiffer dominates share of shelf on Amazon Pantry.  On YouTube, the brand touts strong how-to content, generating 67% growth in subscribers. Swiffer also boasts a dedicated brand site section that makes refill subscriptions simple for customers and ties for best surface care brand on mobile coupon apps.

5. Charmin
Digital IQ: 137

A top brand on Target, Charmin shines with a high count of product reviews, videos, and imagery on product pages, and one of the largest counts of subscription offerings in paper products. The brand also has the highest monthly site traffic among category peers. Additionally, it uses Twitter to creatively enhance its brand image through partnerships with events and retweets of user-generated content.

6. Cascade
Digital IQ: 134

A best-in-class display advertising strategy sent Cascade into the top 10 home care brands this year. The brand serves a high volume of desktop impressions on top-quality publisher sites and also boasts the second-highest search visibility on Walmart.

6. Glade
Digital IQ: 134

Glade employs an aggressive SEM strategy against air care unbranded terms and achieves the category’s highest visibility across all e-tailers. The brand also stands apart for its creative use of text assets and descriptive terms, providing customers with a full breakdown of each product scent.

8. Kleenex
Digital IQ: 131

Kleenex was able to score in the 90th percentile in YouTube search score, thanks to story-driven videos, branded titling and tagging, and cross-promotion of media channels. As a result of these tactics, the brand generates the highest percentage of organic views among Index brands.

8. Lysol
Digital IQ: 131

Lysol takes the lead in highest organic ownership of brand terms on mobile in the surface care category, supplemented with the second-highest paid visibility. It also ranks among the brands with the highest share of sponsored results on Amazon.

8. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day
Digital IQ: 131

This “earth-friendly” brand enjoyed the largest aggregate community growth on Instagram for a non-DTC company. It also boasts the highest ownership of Amazon Pantry offerings in the dish care category, indicating a focus on the e-tailer.

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