These were our most popular articles this year, from the top Brazilian beverage brands to new strategies for brands on Facebook.

  1. Top 10 Beverage Brands in Brazil

We’re still trying to understand why this was our most popular post of the year. Could it be Genius brand Skol’s heavy investment in online video, or Red Bull’s savvy localization strategy? Send us your thoughts at

  1. Top 10 Auto Brands in Digital

Last year, millennials drove 27% of new car sales in the United States. They also seem to have driven all the traffic to this list of car brands acing the digital game.

  1. Top 10 Beauty Brands in China

Global Beauty brands face intense pressure in China amid increased competition with local and Korean companies. Our list makes clear which brands are winning at digital.

  1. Top 10 Beauty Brands in Germany

With e-commerce sales surging 10% per year as brick-and-mortar sales decline, Beauty brands have ramped up their digital investments. From Maybelline to Garnier, here’s how they stack up in competence.

  1. Why Brands Should Go Dark on Facebook

Facebook is a key battleground as brands vie for consumer attention with their dollars. One tactic strangely underutilized by brands is Facebook’s Dark Post offering – a paid status update, link share, video, or photo that was never meant to be shared as an organic post.

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