While YouTube is an effective social media platform for promoting brands and driving purchases, most Beer brands use it as a content repository. L2’s 2016 Digital IQ Index: Beer finds that among brands with YouTube channels, 38% did not release any videos during the first quarter of 2016. Consumer interest seems to match; four of the top ten most-viewed YouTube videos from Beer brands received 0% of their views organically.

In fact, consumers seem to be interested in YouTube for watching Super Bowl ads. Four of the top ten most-viewed videos on YouTube were Super Bowl commercials, and the majority obtained organic views. Bud Light’s “The Bud Light Party” received 74% of its views organically, while Budweiser’s “#GiveADamn:60” received 42% of its views organically. And while Michelob Ultra’s “Breath” was propped up by paid advertising, three percent of its 6.1 million views were derived organically.

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