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Eighty-one percent of time spent on the mobile internet in the U.K. is spent on mobile apps, but retail apps account for just 5% of all mobile internet usage. Thirty-one percent of all the time spent on apps is spent on social media apps, presenting a challenge for brands who seek to connect with consumers through repeated check-ins. However, not all is lost for Activewear brands. Rising interest in fitness and fitness devices — at least in the initial purchase phase – places Activewear brands in a unique position to take advantage of fitness communities. And some have already done so with multiple iOS and Android apps. L2’s Digital IQ Index: Activewear U.K. identifies the top five Activewear apps and reasons why they are ahead of the pack, all of which include activity tracking.


Nike+ Running: One of the top apps in the U.K. (in addition to Under Armour), Nike+ is available on iOS and Android 0-9. It provides users guidance for fitness competitions with friends.

Under Armour Record: The latest version includes health tracking features compatible with brand and non-branded fitness trackers.

Adidas Train & Run: This training app offers voice tracks from famous athletes, social media sharing, and training guides in addition to activity tracking.

Puma’s Pumatrac: Available on both mobile phones and the Apple watch, tracks over 30 types of exercise and incorporates aspects such as weather into variations in athletic performance.

ASICS’s My ASICS Run Training: This app incorporates GPS tracking to save favourite running routes and times.

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