Blog-Resize (22)Fitbit, the creator of Fitbit One and Flex, announced a partnership in March with clothing and accessories designer Tory Burch. Known for her large, golden logos on shoes and accessories, the designer has released renderings of the new devices that resemble gold jewelry instead of the plastic wristbands synonymous with fitness trackers. So far, the photos show a clasp bracelet and a pendant necklace.


At the L2 Wearables event this week, Intel VP of New devices Aysegul Ildeniz said 53% of technology early adopters want wearable tech devices to look like jewelry. And a number of brands have moved towards that trend. Smaller brands Cuff and Netatmo June posted devices that are aesthetically pleasing, even if they don’t have a function. Cuff bracelets and necklaces double as cellphone chargers, and Netatmo June bracelets alert the user when their sun exposure has reached harmful levels.


In short, users are looking for wearable devices that do not scream their obsession with technology. And as Ildeniz said at the event, in addition to being well-designed, wearable tech accessories must have meaning for users, and signify what they wish to display about themselves.

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