Although Ford was the top-ranked brand in our new 2013 Digital IQ Index: Auto report, it was Toyota that took the trophy for best digital enterprise* for its overall performance by Toyota (No. 4), Lexus (No. 12) and Scion (No. 29). Enterprise investments in this report, which were weighted by sales for each of the individual brands within a parent company’s portfolio, are useful because they shed light on how effective that parent company is at leveraging best practices across its automakers. This year, we looked at five enterprises, all of which had at least three brands included in the study. As you can see in the chart below, some enterprises like top-ranked Toyota and second place GM demonstrate fairly tight digital ships, with relatively small Digital IQ ranges of 32 and 19 points, respectively.


On the other end are parent companies whose portfolios include notoriously poor-at-digital ultra-luxury brands. Volkswagen, which owns high-end Audi and Porsche, as well as very high-end Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti, saw its collective score dragged down significantly by the latter three, all of which were categorized as ‘Feeble.’ Similarly, Fiat had its performance downgraded thanks to ‘Challenged’ Ferrari and Maserati. A few of the cross-brand initiatives in the enterprise space that stood out: Toyota’s prioritization of mobile-optimization (smartphone and tablet), Chrysler’s common account structure (“Mopar Owner Connect”), and GM’s consistent approach to email marketing.

*Because we only included two of Ford Motor Company’s brands–Ford and Lincoln–in our report, it was not included in the enterprise measurement.

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