Snapchat has come a long way for advertisers. The platform now provides enhanced targeting capabilities and extensive ways to measure the ROI of ad campaigns. Another huge leap in their effort to attract advertisers is their recent launch of the Paperclip feature, enabling advertisers to attach a link to a Snap.

The Paperclip feature brings Snapchat head to head with direct competitor Instagram, which currently doesn’t allow users to post links with pictures. Users have to work around that obstacle by providing a link in their bio (those boasting over 10,000 followers being the exception). After Instagram’s Stories feature prompted many brands to leave Snapchat, Paperclip could tempt some to return.


Paperclip will enable advertisers to look beyond impressions and views and track conversions — not just for ads, but for organic posts. By linking their posts to custom UTM links or leveraging link shortening tools like to track conversions, brands will be able to measure the true impact of owned and paid content.


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