Tripadvisor is the top destination for prestige hotel reviews, with 43% of the hotel review market share. OTAs Expedia, and Orbitz lag with 6%, 7% and 1% of the review market share respectively.


The quality of reviews are more important for prestige hotel brands than quantity, as a one-star increase in rating will enable a property to increase its price by 11.2% and maintain the same occupancy. Until now, brands have focused their efforts on TripAdvisor; no brand in the Digital IQ Index: Prestige Hotels has been able to make it to the top five results on Expedia, Orbitz or However, responding to reviews and soliciting them on all sites is important for a positive effect on bookings.


Furthermore, Expedia and Yelp surpass other review sites in features. Expedia offers review filters, sorting, space for display and text ads, and the option to be included in sponsored search results. Yelp offers all except filters. These tools make the site especially useful for brands looking to attract new customers in addition to upping their score.



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