How do brands achieve organic scale on YouTube? By advertising on TV, according to L2’s Video report.

This may sound contradictory, as YouTube is often portrayed as TV’s rival. But in this case the two platforms work together. Consumers see a commercial on TV and then search for it on YouTube – boosting the brand’s organic view count. TV ads or related content account for 37 of the 100 brand videos with the most organic YouTube views. The study also finds that brands with more than 2.7 million organic views spend an average $74 million on national TV advertising, while brands with fewer than 300,000 views spend just $17 million.

Average TV spend

Drawing on influencers can reduce those costs. Adidas only spent $18.5 million on national TV airings for its “Here to Create” campaign, since the campaign also employed several hugely popular influencers. Yet the study indicates that the brand’s TV spend significantly boosted organic views.

TV spend and YouTube views

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