When Twitter launched expanded profile pages for brands at the end of last year, users adapted to the updated version almost without realizing it. Considering that a typical Facebook redesign often involves getting lost trying to navigate an entirely new set of options and functions, how did Twitter manage such a seamless transition? Because they only added two new features: a large header banner and the ability to pin a promoted tweet (for free) to the top of the feed.


Twitter’s reasoning behind these enhanced profiles was to give brands an opportunity to highlight their most important content and directly engage fans. Because pinned tweets have the ability to expand and display embedded photos or videos (as Burberry did in the above screenshot), many  prestige brands, in particular, can now include larger, dynamic visuals at the top of the screen. But the value-added doesn’t end there. Brands should consider leveraging seasonal campaigns, incentives, partnerships, and other engaging content (i.e., not just a 140-character post) to attract users’ attention and convert them to loyal followers.


As of yesterday, enhanced profiles have been extended to just 21 brands and organizations, some of which include Volkswagen, Nike, NBC News and Al Jazeera. Twitter is expected to roll out more, including those for individuals, over the course of 2012.

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