twitterAn eMarketer study released today pointed out that almost a third of Twitter’s users will be in Asia this year. By 2017, fewer than 20% of Twitter’s users will be U.S.-based and more than 40% will be based in Asia.


That’s especially surprising since the service is banned in China, the platform’s largest potential user-base. eMarketer said Chinese accounts have not been included in the research, and the percentage will be much higher if the government ban on the social media site is lifted. Leading the regional pack are India and Indonesia, estimated to have the third and fourth largest Twitter populations by year-end, surpassing Asia.


The newly identified growth region is good news for Twitter as the platform’s users in the U.S. and Western Europe has plateaued. For brands, that means a tailored Twitter strategy is more important than ever. Our Digital IQ Index: Luxury – China shows brands with social success in China are those who create campaigns specifically for the country. (#Happy Lancôme New Year#, Vara Girls, and #Le French Chic# are a few.) Most likely the same will hold true for brands looking to reach consumers in India and Indonesia.

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