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Yesterday, Twitter featured a banner inviting users to unlock special World Cup features. Once users agreed, Twitter displayed a ‘starter kit’ with country flags of teams in the cup. Users could select their team flag to “unlock custom profile images, header photos, real-time scores and highlights.” After selecting a new profile or background picture, users were brought to a page where they could follow accounts of fans so they could be updated on the games in real time.
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At L2’s Social Is Media clinic, Scott Galloway discussed the diminishing user base on Twitter, where active usage has decreased 3% from Q3 2013-Q4 2014. Nearly 35 million Americans used Instagram at least once a month last year, compared with 30.8 million using Twitter’s mobile app, according to estimates from E-Marketer. Although engagement usage on Twitter is much lower than Instagram, at .04% vs. Instagram’s 1.53% as revealed in our Intelligence Report: Instagram, the ‘World Cup Starter Kit’ may give the platform a boost in audience engagement and active usage as it leverages Twitter’s potential to be the go-to source for news updates from World Cup fans. Soccer has the largest global fan following of any sport at over 3.5 billion fans. Twitter’s Starter Kit targets that fan base with content that matters to them and taps into Twitter’s unique potential: a source for news before it hits the news.

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