As WeChat grows in popularity, Beauty brands are stepping up their efforts to engage Chinese consumers. However, neither engagement nor reach has yet caught up with the platform’s huge user base. Only 14% of brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty China have received more than 50,000 views for any of their posts. Mary Kay accounts for 56% of those posts – making clear that the brand has mastered the formula for WeChat success.

L2’s Insight Report: WeChat delves into why Mary Kay is such an outlier. The brand’s direct-selling business model aligns well with WeChat’s one-to-one communication format, while its subscription account “Chinamarykay” attracts more than 80,000 views per post. Mary Kay capitalizes on that reach to promote offline events, such as its “Dream Beautiful” contest and Pink Bus Parade. As a result, Mary Kay accounts for more than a fifth of Beauty brand likes on WeChat, despite representing just 2% of posts.


The study also pinpoints Lancôme’s service account as an outlier in terms of engagement. Despite being two-thirds the estimated size of Mary Kay’s service account, it receives more than three times the engagement thanks to advertising, a tightly integrated loyalty program, and sampling campaigns. For example, to launch its Swan-Neck Wand Mascara, Lancôme sponsored a WeChat ad through which users could purchase the product as well as limited-edition gift sets. Furthermore, the brand goes the extra mile to woo fans by making direct pleas for engagement at the end of each post.



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