Proof that the vampire trend has not run its course: the runaway success of “Carmilla,” a web series loosely based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s Gothic horror novel and sponsored by U by Kotex.

This summer,
 the brand will release the third season of the hit show, which has already proven to be a social media coup. As a result of “Carmilla,” U by Kotex has five times more YouTube subscribers than the average brand in L2’s Digital IQ Index: OTC Health Care.

The first season quintupled the brand’s subscriber count – with virtually zero TrueView advertising spend. Each Carmilla video garnered an average of 116,000 organic views, pointing to the strength of the show’s fan base. For comparison, a U by Kotex #SaveTheUndies video uploaded around the same time garnered only 4,600.

Subscriber growth

As most Index brands grapple with Facebook and Twitter, U by Kotex uses “Carmilla” to engage millennials across platforms. Instagram posts featuring actresses from the show helped the brand gain more than 31,000 followers in just three months, and fans avidly share “Carmilla” content on Snapchat, Periscope, and Tumblr. Strategically, the videos also lead viewers down the path to purchase, including links to the brand site and social media accounts as well as sample offers.



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