Prior to our upcoming report on the U.K. Beauty industry we made a short video on The Body Shop, who has the top spot among beauty brands in the competition to appear first in search engine results. Search engine marketing accounts for 58% of all digital advertising in the U.K., and the industry has become even more competitive in the past year as CPG giants such as P&G and Unilever have ramped up their search spend. The cost of longtail search terms on has increased up to 200%.


In organic search, however, The Body Shop’s U.K. origins and retailer status gives it an incumbent advantage. The brand’s U.K. site appears in top ten organic results for 33% of most popular skincare and 24% of most popular color cosmetics queries, high compared to respective Index averages of 3% and 9%. Stay tuned for our next Beauty report for more on how brands improve their search visibility on U.K. sites.

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