U.K. consumers conducted 2.3 million Beauty-related queries on Google.co.uk, but brands in the category are not benefitting from search as much as they could be. Only 60% of prestige brands purchase ads against their brand terms, and brands in our Digital IQ Index: Beauty | UK have control over just 15% of first page results.


Part of this discrepancy is due to third party competition. Our research shows department stores purchase against 80% of brand terms, and Amazon purchases against 25% of mass and 75% of prestige brand terms. The latter controls 12% of first page real estate results. Boots is also a formidable competitor; it appeared in the top ten results for 47% of Beauty-related long-tail search terms.


A look at the habits of U.K. consumers shows low online visibility could cost brands. 57% and 41% researched a beauty product before buying online and in-store respectively. 31% had read a review of a beauty product, and 41% had compared prices online before buying. Brand sites that appear prominently in search are more likely to convert explorers to direct consumers.


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