L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty | UK finds tablets account for a larger percentage of traffic in the U.K. than in the U.S., France and Germany. Twelve percent of internet traffic in the U.K. originates from tablets vs. 6% in France and Germany and 9% in the U.S. Smartphones account for a smaller percentage of internet traffic in the European countries, 8% in the U.K. and 4% in France.

beauty-uk-2014-mobile-stats-by-countryHowever, U.K. Beauty brands have not tailored their investments to the high tablet usage. While 64% of Index brands have a mobile site, 68% use their desktop site for tablets and just 31% of brands have a responsive tablet site.


Researching beauty products before buying online or in-store were the most popular online activities among U.K. internet users. Fifty-seven percent of internet users in the country said they have researched a beauty product online before buying online, and 47% had researched a beauty product before buying in-store. Likewise, 28% said they would consider researching a beauty product online before buying online and 31% would consider researching a product online before buying in-store. A good case for developing a brand site that is easy to navigate on all devices.


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