Global beer brands are pushing British brands to the sidelines in digital, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beer UK. In the study, no British beer makers place in the top five and the average score of all UK brands verges on Feeble.

Among other mistakes, British brands fail to invest in social media. Only two local brands have active Instagram accounts, and Bass – the iconic UK beer brand – does not have a single social media account, or even a website. Given the company’s stagnant sales volume, that is clearly a mistake.

Percent adoption of localized social accounts

With global giants like Budweiser and Heineken outspending local brands in areas like advertising and marketing, social media offers one arena where they could potentially catch up, just as smaller brands like NYX and Anastasia have done in the Beauty sector. International brands often overlook localized content, with many using the same website and social media accounts for the UK and US. By creating original local content, British brands could gain visibility in the crowded market.

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