Under Armour acquired two mobile fitness apps for $560 million this month, which gives it access to 100 million new users. Not a bad investment at $5.60 per user, assuming Under Armour can convert them into buyers.

Expedia – possibly on track to own 70% of the $158 billion (in revenue) OTA market – became a winner with the $1.4 billion acquisition of Orbitz. Hotels, airlines and consumers lose in this deal as Expedia gains leverage in negotiating booking fees.

Losers of Television: Fox cuts profit forecasts by $500 million due to a decline in viewership. Viacom saw a 23% decline in viewership across its network, high even with the consideration that live TV viewing declined 12.7% year-on-year as of January. If that was not enough bad news, Pepsi announced it will shift money away from analogue channels to digital. (Read: Less spending on the Super Bowl.) Money is finally catching up with viewership.

A loss for all media companies: David Carr passed away. We feature one of his best quotes in the video. See full video for more and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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