Offering little more than a six-second stop-motion video loop, Vine has managed to turn a simple platform with very limited functionality into one of the most popular apps and social networking hubs on the planet. Less than six months old and since April the top-ranked free app in Apple’s App Store, Vine hit another milestone last week when it overtook social giant Instagram for total Twitter shares in a single day (2.37 million versus 2.14 million). But what are these millions of Vines documenting? For the most part, it’s not the most worthwhile or entertaining content–the app is overloaded with teenagers shooting what are essentially video selfies–but some people and brands are using it in enormously creative ways. In the video above, L2’s Head of Research & Advisory Maureen Mullen discusses which specialty retail brands have adapted well to Vine, highlighting Urban Outfitters, in particular, as both the earliest adopter and industry leader on the platform.

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