Facebook Messenger’s user base is second only to WhatsApp’s globally, with 1.2 billion users per month. Messenger presents a key opportunity for organizations to engage with customers on a platform they’re familiar with, according to Gartner research. Mobile operators have jumped at the opportunity offered by Messenger which funnels inquiries and complaints away from public comments fields under posts. Three-quarters of mobile operators active on Facebook use Messenger, more than the 53% of operator sites with live chat.

Mobile Operators on Messenger

Response time is an important consideration for brands offering Facebook Messenger. Consumers use Messenger as a chat tool, where a response time measured in minutes is expected, unlike email. Only a third of brands active on Facebook have achieved the “replies instantly” designation, indicating that the majority of brands using Messenger approach it more as an email service than a chat platform. To gain the all important “very responsive to messages” badge from Facebook Messenger, brands must have a response time under 15 minutes, and respond to at least 90% of messages.

Bots or guided multiple choice are another option on Messenger for fielding simple customer inquiries before directing them to a human. However, only a handful of mobile operators take advantage of this opportunity.

Now is the time for organizations to test Messenger’s capabilities, as the development of Facebook’s customer chat plugin could replace on-site live chat at a significantly lower maintenance cost.

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