Valentino made a €500 million offer for Balmain, according to several reports published this week. Owned by Qatari investment vehicle Mayhoola, Valentino will compete with at least one contender described as a Chinese group and American investor. The outcome – whether or not Balmain will accept any of the offers – will be decided by Thursday.

This year has been an active one for Valentino. Named one of the biggest Winners (brands that drastically improve their Digital IQ over the course of a year) in our L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion, the brand has been improving its omnichannel and mobile capabilities alongside bold moves in social media. It is one of ten Index brands to enable users to buy online and pick up items in-store.


On Instagram, Valentino leads the Index in total post interactions (10%), followed by Michael Kors (8%), Christian Louboutin (6%), Dolce & Gabbana (6%), and Dior (6%). Being one of late-movers to Instagram, Valentino was able to increase engagement and fans by frequent posts. The brand posts twice as frequently as runner up Michael Kors, and as a result has the highest share of voice.  The brand also generated buzz with a Zoolander appearance on the Fall 2015 runway.


Balmain, however, scored as the bottom fourth Average brand in the Digital IQ even with a boost in visibility driven by the Balmain x H&M collaboration. Perhaps a digitally savvy owner could boost its rank in next year’s study.

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