YouTube is popular in Mexico – 70% of social media users in Mexico visit the site – but Beer brands have been slow to embrace and localize for the platform. L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beer Mexico finds that more than half of Beer brand accounts on the platform have been inactive fore more than 30 days.

Who has the advantage on YouTube? Mostly import brands. U.S. and U.K. brands in the study were able to get a fair share of organic views due to their status as global channels. Mexican brands, on the other hand, must pay to compete. On average, the top five Mexican channels earn 9% of their views organically. That share is even less when accounting for all channels due to inconsistent production; brands produce on average less than one video (0.38) per week, and 68% of brands in the Index released their most popular video more than a year ago.

Select Beer brands, however, have allocated significant resources to YouTube and are reaping the benefits. Cerveza Victoria and Tecate are the most viewed YouTube channels after Heineken and Budweiser. Cerveza Victoria had top visibility in brand searches on YouTube in Mexico, owning the top seven results. Victoria’s popularity stemmed from a campaign discouraging people from abandoning their friends at social gatherings. And Tecate has counted more than 46 million views, with boxing videos starring Sylvester Stallone #SomosBax yielding most of the views.

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