Adweek listed this week the top 10 earning bloggers. Yuya, Zoella, CuteGirlsHairstyles topped the list, pushing household name Michelle Phan to the eighth spot. The top ten bloggers earned anywhere from $14,520 to $41,475 a month.

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Image from Adweek


Their high earnings should not come as a surprise, especially as they have taken over the Beauty category on YouTube and squeezed out brands. In L2’s 2015 Digital IQ Index: U.K. Beauty, vloggers dominated first page visibility across brand and non-brand search results on YouTube. In the U.S. study, vloggers owned 67% of first-page search results for brand terms, leaving just 8% for brands.


In France, brands in the L2 Beauty Index have managed to build a fraction of vloggers’ viewership.


Vloggers influence extends to the point that smart brands have decided to partner with them instead of fighting them in search position. For example, Clean & Clear has partnered with vlogger channels that garner 60x the views of the brand channel for identical videos. L’Oréal Paris – the most popular beauty brand channel in France – works with aspiring vloggers, encouraging uploads of videos with certain themes and featuring L’Oréal products. The winning blogger is awarded a professional contract with the brand.


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