When The Martian scored a major victory at Sunday’s Golden Globes, taking home the award for Best Comedy, the film’s producers weren’t the only ones with a reason to celebrate.

While Matt Damon may have been the film’s most recognizable star, the Hamilton BeLOWZERO watch on his wrist also benefited from its time in the spotlight. The number of unique monthly visitors to the brand’s website soared to a two-year high during the month when the film was released, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Watches & Jewelry.

Other watchmakers have also gained a visibility boost through partnering with high-budget blockbusters. Omega – James Bond’s official watch – saw its social media popularity grow when Spectre opened to over $80 million in its first five days.

Omega vs. Hamilton

Unlike Hamilton, which posted infrequently about its connection with The Martian, Omega capitalized on its moment in the spotlight with frequent Spectre-related posts across social media channels. Those posts generated much higher engagement than typical content. On Facebook, for example, the brand’s Spectre-­related posts garnered six times more interactions.

As search erodes brand value, these blockbuster tie-ins offer an ideal way for Watches & Jewelry companies to maintain relevance and visibility. Less than a decade ago, 58% of affluent consumers had a “favorite” jewelry brand; today, only 40% say the same. Enlisting Hollywood stars like Matt Damon and Daniel Craig to wear a branded watch might be the best way to put those names back in consumers’ minds.

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