Known for deluxe samples, loyalty content, and exclusive products, Sephora boasts impressive engagement with its audience. The retailer’s knack for amplifying indie brands into luxury staples shines once again in its latest endeavor: reusable water bottles from the brand Bkr.

The water bottles, which come in a wide array of millennial-esque shades, are exactly what they say they are – water bottles. Depending on the size you get, they can cost up to $200. Yet they’ve quickly become an editor favorite.

The sudden obsession with water bottles might be due to the fact that they’re covered in crystals and Louboutin-style spikes, but can also be credited to the rise of consumer interest in the “beauty from within” movement. This trend has been gaining popularity in the fragrance industry as well, with shoppers gravitating toward more natural scents.

Sephora knows its audience very well. The brand sends loyalty emails to less than 10% of its overall email list, but see noticeably higher open rates than retail rival Ulta, according to L2’s Sephora and Ulta Content Insight Report. This concentrated effort ensures that Sephora junkies are always up to date on the latest in beauty, hair, and makeup, and most importantly, that brands like Bkr are getting the direct visibility that they need to soar from novelty item to indulgent essential.

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