Two years after the creation of Stories, the number of haircare brands that use the feature continues to increase. During the past quarter, the average brand in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Hair Care & Color posted 1.7 times a week. 

Among haircare brands, most Instagram Stories facilitate commerce, allowing viewers to make a purchase one click after seeing the product in a Story. R+Co and Bumble and bumble are the most frequent users of commerce Stories, according to Gartner L2’s study. Bumble and bumble is also the most frequent user of editorial mentions within Stories, linking its ephemeral posts directly to more permanent editorial content.


In addition to directing posts to outside pages, brands can edit the visuals of their Stories to match their products. For example, Ouai adds a holographic filter to its Stories to remind followers of its products, without explicitly mentioning any of them. Brands can also use stories to promote their other social media accounts: Maybelline frequently highlights and links to recently posted YouTube tutorials that feature a brand influencer on their Stories. Many brands also offer promotional giveaways, bring attention to important causes, or showcase new influencer sponsorships. Ultimately, the content is less important than the role Stories play as a constant reminder of the brand’s presence.

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