Founded just over four years ago, WeChat is winning the game of numbers in China. Its monthly active users have surpassed Sina Weibo by a multiple of three (600 vs. 211). However, in terms of a platform where brands can engage users, Sina Weibo is still winning by far. The average Sina Weibo post from a personal care brand reaches 212x the number of users than a post on WeChat, and the average Beauty brand post on Sina Weibo has 52x the reach of a WeChat Post from a Beauty brand.


It looks as if WeChat users are not as open as anticipated in communicating and receiving notifications from brands on the platform. And WeChat commerce, predicted to be a disruptor, is nowhere near ubiquity. While 36.9% of China’s social media users shop online, just 22% of WeChat users use it to browse products and just 19% use WeChat mobile payments. That number is in stark contrast with the 80% of users using WeChat to stay updated on the news.

This is not good news for brands that have invested heavily in the platform’s commerce features. Beauty brands have especially been quick to develop add-ons. For example, 60% of Beauty brands have integrated a loyalty program with WeChat vs. just 11% of Personal Care brands. Similarly, 53% have incorporated WeChat Commerce into their WeChat accounts vs. just 20% of Personal Care brands.

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