In just six years, China’s messaging platform has attracted nearly 700 million monthly active users. A graph from L2’s Insight Report on Beauty China: WeChat shows how quickly WeChat surpassed Sina Weibo in monthly active users.

beauty-china-wechat-weibo-and-wechat-monthly-active-usersHowever, reach and engagement numbers suggest that WeChat is still in infancy. The average views per post among Beauty brands is just 8,000, a miniscule amount (0.001%) of its followers. Furthermore, just 14% of brands in L2’s China Beauty Index were able to generate more than 50,000 views for a single post (Mary Kay accounting for 56% of them). Engagement numbers are even smaller: Just 9% of posts receive more than 100 likes, and the average Beauty brands receives just 50 likes.

beauty-china-wechat-percentage-of-wechat-brand-posts-with-more-than 50000-views

This is good and bad news for Beauty brands, as it suggests the WeChat marketplace is competitive but not yet saturated. Currently, brands on WeChat can only reach subscribers (who already demonstrate an affinity for the brand) unless they advertise. However, WeChat remains an effective tool for building relationships with those fans and motivating purchases. The top posts on WeChat (based on likes) demonstrated the platform’s strength in relationship building. The most-liked post during the study period fell in three groups: product posts, promotions of in-store events, and contests.

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