Wendy’s is turning up the heat on its e-commerce offering by expanding ordering capabilities, both in-store and on mobile. The burger brand is also introducing a new internal unit focused on digital transformation that could help it carve out a more competitive spot in the fast food sector.

Wendy’s doesn’t quite stack up digitally against rival McDonald’s, but this latest push could help change that. While McDonald’s amped up its delivery service through a partnership with UberEats, Wendy’s new initiative will integrate DoorDash’s capabilities within its own app and expand mobile delivery to more locations this year. Additionally, 60% of Wendy’s locations will have digital kiosks for faster in-store ordering.

In the past, Wendy’s has done well with underdog social platform Twitter, which helped the chain soar to stardom after a teen’s tweet plea for a year’s worth of Wendy’s nuggets went viral. Wendy’s consistent use of Twitter as a customer service channel, paired with the teen’s determination to score 18 million retweets, earned the brand nearly a million new followers and doubled its following overall, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants. Additionally, Wendy’s is a prolific video advertiser, earning over 150 million views across Facebook and YouTube and bolstering its lead against peers such as Burger King and Whataburger.

Still, with digital at the forefront of the every sector, competition for Wendy’s is “like an arms race,” says Aaron Allen, CEO of restaurant consultancy Aaron Allen & Associates. What should brands like Wendy’s be arming themselves with? Perhaps digital delivery, which scores restaurants higher ticket purchases and gives brands an inside look at consumer behavior and preferences.

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