Amazon Vine is program that helps brands increase review volume by paying for consumer reviews with free product samples. The reviewers or “Vine Voices” are selected based on the helpfulness of their past reviews. Brands that participate in Amazon Vine can increase quantity but not quantity:

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Personal care brands use Vine more than any other category; 41% vs. 25% of beauty brands. Twenty-nine percent of personal care brands using Vine are owned by Procter & Gamble, 19% are Unilever, and 13% are Johnson & Johnson brands.

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Eight of the top ten brands with the most Amazon reviews use Vine, but how much of that can be attributed to signing up for the program? Brands using Vine derive on average just 7% of their reviews from the program, or anywhere from 2% to 40%. L2’s Intelligence Report: Amazon finds that Vine works especially well for brands launching a product. For example, Unilever was able to raise awareness for its Simple Skincare line through Vine. Twenty-six percent of the skin care brand’s reviews are sourced through the program.

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