When Rolex joined Instagram in 2015, Roger Federer welcomed the watch brand to the platform. Given that the tennis star boasts an Instagram fan base of 2.8 million, this was no small favor. After he mentioned Rolex twice more, the watchmaker accumulated more than three million followers.

Moët & Chandon is also a sponsor of Federer. However, the brand has not appeared in the athlete’s feed, missing out on the chance to translate its costly celebrity endorsement into valuable social reach. The brand has barely 302,000 followers, just a fraction of Rolex’s fan base.

RolexThis missed opportunity is all too common, according to L2’s Champagne Social Media report. Champagne brands often work with Instagram influencers such as bloggers, photographers, and fashionistas, yet rarely take advantage of the scale offered by celebrity ambassadors, even when they pay to engage in such sponsorships. Dom Perignon, for example, regularly posts content on Instagram from photographers and fashion bloggers who have far smaller followings than the brand itself.

UGC is another area where Champagne brands could learn from other luxury companies, according to the study. While 92% of consumers trust recommendations from other consumers over branded material, Champagne brands largely fail to capitalize on user-generated content. Some brands occasionally repost UGC on Instagram, but few prioritize it or actively encourage submissions. Even Veuve Clicquot, which aggregates content under the hashtag #VeuveClicquot, fails to take the next step and repurpose this content across its social channels.

These brands can look to the luxury hotel category for inspiration. Four Seasons excels not only at incentivizing guests to create UGC, but also repurposing content across digital platforms. The brand site’s landing page features a prominent “Your #FourSeasons” section, where visitors can browse others’ photos or upload their own via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Along with other incentives such as the “Focus on Four Seasons” Instagram contest, this initiative has created an impressive array of content that also appears to resonate with consumers: UGC accounts for 69% of Four Seasons’ Instagram posts, and the brand achieves an outsized share of interactions compared with other luxury hotel brands.

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