Facebook is a critical channel for brands, but many retailers fail to use it effectively by promoting content. Only 10% of Specialty Retail posts are promoted, in comparison with nearly a third of Big Box retailers’ posts, according to L2’s Promoted Posts report. Since promoted posts garner significantly more engagement, these brands are missing a sizable opportunity.

Specifically, promoted links see the greatest lift in engagement when compared with organic posts, according to the study. This is convenient for retailers, as sharing a link typically requires little effort from internal creative teams, allowing them to easily fill content gaps.

Promoted post engagement

Sephora’s most popular promoted link post – an article to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s first public selfie – received 193% more shares than the average Specialty Retailer’s post. It also garnered 2,600 comments, over 16 times more than the Index average and nearly four times more than Sephora’s top organic content, testifying to the power of promoted posts.

However, while promoting posts boosts engagement, there are diminishing returns. The study finds that the “sweet spot” for retailers is between eight and 10 promoted posts per month. Brands in this area can expect to garner around 7,000 interactions per post on average.


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