Twitter and Nielsen were the first to announce a Social TV partnership earlier in the summer. Just days before their first TV ‘Ratings Report’ was released on Monday, Facebook and the four major U.S. TV networks revealed they too had struck a data-sharing deal. And just today, Twitter introduced a new cable-focused initiative with NBCUniversal and Comcast. Social TV may not be a part of our every day just yet, but judging from these powerful partnerships–and the momentum driving them–it won’t be long before we start experiencing its effects every time we log into our social networks and watch our favorite shows. So, what is Social TV exactly? In our latest video interview, L2 Founder Scott Galloway answers this question, explaining Social TV’s value to users and viewers and breaking down what the social platforms and TV networks each stand to benefit from the cross-pollination. Galloway also touches on the role of brands in this new territory, noting that the biggest opportunity lies with CPG, not high-end luxury brands.

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