To connect with the two-thirds of U.S. adults active on social media, brands are stepping up their campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Some brands have reaped success from their social efforts, while others have made embarrassing missteps. Here are a few cautionary tips based on the worst offenders from L2’s Digital IQ Index: OTC Health Care:

Don’t be too desperate

Piggybacking on celebrity tweets can be a clever strategy – if your brand isn’t U by Kotex. Did someone seriously think Nicole Richie was going to reply to this one?

Nicole Richie tweet

Own your own handle…

Messages from the @advil handle on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine are definitely not brand-approved.

Advil not the medicine

…And your own Facebook page

Visitors to Tylenol’s Future Care Scholarship Facebook page can shop for Motrin products without leaving the page. Note to Tylenol: you may need a new social media intern.

Facebook Tylenol Fail

Keep an eye on YouTube

The top three search results for “Benadryl” on the video platform involve language such as “overdosed” and “tripping balls.” Our bet is that those aren’t sponsored hashtags.

Benadryl fail


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