As Consumer Electronics brands experiment with various types of content, L2’s Social Video report offers tips on how to maximize those investments.

Don’t forget to encourage interactions: One way to continue the conversation with consumers is by prompting them to interact with content. However, L2 observed this strategy in only 11% of Snapchat posts, and found only one Consumer Electronics brand that had adopted it– General Electric. In January, General Electric hosted a contest asking its Snapchat followers to suggest names for a 
hot sauce.

Don’t be afraid of going long: While Instagram and Snapchat are known for brief snippets of content, lengthy videos continue to perform well on YouTube. Consumer Electronics brands got nearly three times more views with high quality, long-form content than other video types, according to the study. An example is Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch, which lasted two hours and garnered more than a million views.

Social video length

Don’t spend too much on Facebook videos: Within the Consumer Electronics space, photos and videos see similar interaction rates. Rather than investing in content that is costly to produce, brands can stick to simple photos, or experiment with UGC to boost video engagement.



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