L2 Spider Charts provide a framework for benchmarking brands relative to the Digital IQ Index average for a given industry vertical. The chart is divided by the four dimensions of the Digital IQ: Site & E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Mobile. The Index Average is represented by a dotted line.

Taking a look at the Department Stores vertical, we examined 58 Department Stores operating across 17 geographies. Nordstrom took the #2 position overall with a Digital IQ of 141, earning the Genius title. This video shows how the chart can be used to understand Nordstrom’s performance relative to the average Department Store. 

The retailer boasts some of the most robust site features in the Index, including the option to receive updates on digital inventory and picks from personal shoppers with either SMS or e-mail alerts. However, it suffers from lackluster guided selling content. Shoppable editorial content is largely absent from the home page.

Thanks to digital marketing investments, Nordstrom over-indexes on both paid and organic results across both luxury and mass key terms in the U.S. The brand also innovates in social commerce by piloting buyable pins, and over-indexes on Instagram engagement. In Mobile, Nordstrom features mobile-friendly graphics that allow users to explore sales and trending items from the home page.

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