L2 Spider Charts provide a framework for benchmarking brands relative to the Digital IQ Index average for a given industry vertical. The chart is divided by the four dimensions of the Digital IQ: Site & E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Mobile. The Index Average is represented by a dotted line. Taking a look at the Department Stores vertical, we examined 58 Department Stores operating across 17 geographies.

Saks Fifth Avenue took the sixth position overall with a Digital IQ of 130 to score within the Gifted category. Saks had some of the strongest site content in the index including shoppable editorial content, though it suffers in omnichannel, where the site fails to provide order online and in-store pickup functionality.

Moving to Digital Marketing, Saks performed well in brand and category search, monetizing their own brand term and performing well in organic search visibility. In Social, Saks displayed strong Facebook and Twitter community engagement, but suffered from low visibility on YouTube brand search.

Mobile was one of Saks’ strongest dimensions, leveraging mobile-native capabilities such as geo-location and swipe support.

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