In this episode of Winners & Losers in a Digital Age, Scott Galloway calls brands who are absent from Snapchat losers. That’s all but 6%. The social platform has one of the most attractive users bases (100 million active users, 3/4 of them under 25 or female.) Yet, fewer brands participate on Snapchat than on any other platform.

LINE – the Japanese messaging service – is another winner this week as it launches an Uber-like taxi service with LINE payments. As of now, LINE has 170 million users in 200+ countries who spend $10 million a month on stickers.

Even though 2015 Super Bowl ads sold out early, Winners were those who didn’t buy a 30-second spot for $4.5 million. That price buys 50 million video views on Facebook, 6.5 million clicks on Google, and 365 days of exclusive promotion with a YouTube star.

Uber is a winner as driving is on its way out. PricewaterhouseCoopers is predicting that the number of cars on the road will decrease by 99% as it is now cheaper to use a ride share service than to own a car if you drive less than 10,000 miles a year.

And finally, men are the biggest losers as the gap between the global male and female population has never been wider.

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