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In a previous post, we discuss how Fashion brands are being outdone by Beauty brands on YouTube. Fashion videos received just 15 billion views total compared to Beauty brands’ 23 billion, and two-thirds of that comes from videos with beauty-related content. Pure play fashion videos (runway videos, collection debuts) underperform in shares and views. Given that fashion brands have a mine of interesting content to repackage, why are they not doing better on YouTube?

L2 released today the Insight Report: Fashion & YouTube, which finds fashion brands’ YouTube presence lagging in discoverability, advertising, subscribership, and path to purchase. For example, while 80% of brand channels appear on the first page of YouTube search results for brand queries, less half of their content releases. Less than 10% of brands in the L2 Fashion Index consistently appear in paid search results, and Chanel, Dior, Burberry are the only brands with more than 100,000 channel subscribers. For consumers that do view the video, path to purchase is unclear; less than 10% provide downstream links to affiliated collections and product pages.

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