Nearly half of online shoppers turn to Amazon, rather than Google, to begin their quest for products, and they don’t waste time scrolling through search results: 64% of clicks go to the first three products on the list. So how can brands get their listings a spot in the top three? According to L2’s Product Listing Optimization report, it’s as simple as having the right title.

For example, BCBGeneration’s “Treasure Dress Pump” shows up in the first row of search results for “black pumps,” since the title matches the search phrase. However, the shoe’s search rank is much lower for “black heels” queries because the title doesn’t include the word “heels.” Since shoppers search for “heels” eight times more frequently than “pumps,” the study posits that the difference costs BCBG substantial sales.

BCBG on Amazon

This doesn’t mean, however, that brands should pack titles with every relevant keyword. Wordy titles are not only confusing for consumers; they’re also penalized by Amazon’s algorithm, which recognizes product listings with titles longer than 200 characters and pushes them down in search results. Therefore, listings with succinct titles featuring popular keywords have the best chance at high search visibility.


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