Digital is often perceived as the territory of tech-savvy millennials. However, a study of the average age of individuals hired for digital roles shows a different story. L2’s Insight Report: The Digital Organization finds that most digital and e-commerce specialists in the CPG and Luxury sectors have years of experience.

Across the seven organizations examined in the L2 study, 60% of digital and e-commerce professionals have
 more than five years of work experience. Richemont leads in this regard: 53% of its digital and e-commerce employees have over a decade of experience. P&G and LVMH also come in strong, with more than one-third of employees past the 10-year mark.

Digital experienceIn the digital age, however, these organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to retain experienced talent. Last year, less than one in five businesses believed they had the people needed to develop and map a digital strategy. As more professionals leave traditional industries for tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, tech-savvy consumer brands like P&G will need to find a means of luring them back.

For more on how brands can attract and retain digital talent, download a copy of L2’s latest Insight Report.  [reportdownloadlinks report_post_id=”132866″]

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