Super Bowl is prime advertising time for Auto brands, as nine of the ten most watched auto videos on YouTube are previously aired Super Bowl commercials. This year, 12 auto brands ran spots in the Super Bowl XLVIII, and Volkswagen experienced the most increase in views for its “Wings” spot. The video attracted 19.0 million additional views on YouTube, a 17% lift on game day and a 7% increase in the week before the game.


On social media, however, Jaguar won with the most shared hashtag #GoodToBeBad among auto brands (9th among all brands). Not only was Jaguar’s “British Villain Rendezvous” video (featuring Ben Kingsley as one of three villains) great content, the execution was in part responsible for its success. Jaguar released the video four days before the game and boosted its viewership by 33%, the largest increase in pre-game viewership among brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Auto. Instead of fearing the competition, Jaguar used it as segue into the consumer’s view. The brand assigned a social media team to comment on competing ads in the evil voice of the villains.


Jaguar’s pre-game efforts lead to an additional 11.4 million views, the fifth largest among all auto brands. The Jaguar case shows the importance of pre-game day social media efforts and YouTube presence when purchasing a Super Bowl spot. And as the graph above shows, brands with very small pre-game day boosts also had fewer additional views in total.

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