In Q1 2015, Maybelline posted two videos on Facebook. One was a tutorial showcasing products on a makeup face chart; the other was a promotional video in which beauty, fashion, and lifestyle bloggers discussed how they use the brand’s Color Molten eyeshadow. The brand supported the campaign video with significantly more spend than the tutorial, helping the former reach 1 million views while the latter drew only 11,000. However, the tutorial generated 6% engagement, while the promo video saw an engagement rate of only 0.4%.

Tutorials account for only 12% of the top 100 most-engaged Facebook video posts, while product and branding videos make up over 80%, according to L2’s Intelligence Report: Video. Yet Maybelline’s experience suggests that scaling tutorial videos could be a frequently overlooked strategy for brands to generate engagement.

Facebook tutorial video

Nail brands in particular have benefited from tutorials. In Q1 2015, all nine of OPI’s Facebook videos were tutorials. Focusing on seasonal trends, they generated engagement of 4%, making them more popular than 60% of all other posts. Similarly, Essie saw 3.1% engagement for its video tutorials — significantly higher than the 2.2% average for videos with similar view counts.

Bobbi Brown, Dior, and John Frieda also generated significant engagement by posting tutorials on Facebook. The most popular videos had few similarities in terms of content: John Frieda’s most successful tutorials demonstrated hair styles from the red carpet, while Dior’s top tutorial focused on one of its makeup collections. However, both the Dior and Bobbi Brown videos incorporated text to fit Facebook’s sound-optional viewing, suggesting that brands should not only scale tutorials, but also ensure that they cater to the platform’s unique format.

Facebook tutorials



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