In March 2016, Amazon launched its own line of of private label Fashion brands—Franklin & Freeman, Franklin Tailored, James & Erin, and SOCIETY NEW YORK.

Just one year later, Amazon’s Fashion initiatives show great potential to disrupt legacy brands in men’s shoes, women’s cocktail dresses, and women’s sweaters, according to L2’s Amazon Intelligence Report: Private Label Fashion Brands.

L2 identified the Fashion categories as most susceptible to private label disruption based on evidence of long-tail opportunities in those categories and how competitive Amazon’s private label brands are with Best Sellers on pricing and assortment. Long-tail is defined as the collective share of voice controlled by smaller upstart brands as opposed to category-leaders.

For example, in men’s boots, major brands such as Columbia, Clarks, Skechers, and Sorel each have less than 4% share of the Best Seller list. This fragmentation suggests Amazon shoppers do not typically search for men’s boots by branded terms, which allows upstarts such as Amazon’s private label shoe brand Franklin & Freeman to optimize against unbranded search terms referencing color, style, or material.

Additionally, some of Amazon’s private label brands are extremely competitive on price. The  average price for Franklin & Freeman boots is just $33.83 a pair, 65% lower than the average price among Best Sellers in the category.

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