Retailers are still the major arbiters of success for luxury Fashion brands, and their social media footprint offers brands a unique opportunity to reach consumers.
The nine retailers featured in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion boast over 10 million followers on both Instagram and Facebook and posted on these platforms more than 21,000 times last year, including over 5,700 mentions of Index brands. However, some retailers are better than others at promoting specific brands.

Saks Fifth Avenue is the most likely to mention a specific Fashion brand in its Facebook or Instagram posts, according to L2’s Social Synergy report. More than half of Saks Facebook posts call out specific brands, with a focus on driving consumers to the Saks site. These posts not only highlight specific products, but also link to the relevant pages for interested shoppers to buy them immediately.

Saks and Nordstrom

On the other end of the spectrum, Nordstrom mentions brands much less frequently than any other retailer. Its Facebook posts depicting products consistently fail to name their manufacturers: only 4% of posts examined in L2’s study mention an Index brand. And while the posts drive back to the retailer’s site, they often link to generic product landing pages that don’t always include the products in the post – deterring fashion fans who click “Like” from taking the next step towards purchase.


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