When it comes to winning at visibility, brands don’t have to depend on big e-tailers. Symbiotic partnerships between vendor brands and e-tailers in niche spaces provide a worthy alternative to major e-tailer sites.

That’s the story for Seventh Generation, The Honest Company, and Thrive Market, the organic e-tailer that places the fourth most shopping ads against unbranded diapers & wipes keywords after Walmart, Target, and Honest Company’s DTC website, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care. Though Thrive Market only carries organic brands, those brands benefit from significant shopping ad spend, as the e-tailer often purchases multiple Shopping ads against the same queries. For example, Seventh Generation and Honest account for nearly 50% of Thrive Market Shopping ads against diaper & wipe terms.

There are several benefits to teaming up with niche e-tailers. Niche e-tailers with dedicated spend can provide significant second-order search visibility for vendor brands while vendor brands can utilize the unique characteristics of smaller e-tailers to build more experiential paths to purchase.  Recognizing this, Seventh Generation’s e-tailer handoff directs more traffic to Thrive Market than any other e-tailer listed on its product pages. In return, Thrive encourages brands to tell their stories on the platform. On Thrive product pages, brands benefit from an enhanced description section that includes the brand’s history, lists product ingredients, and showcases the values shared by the brand, such as the absence of harmful chemicals, its sustainability, or its country of manufacture.

Honest and Seventh Generation’s ability to leverage their organic positioning with a like-minded e-tailer directly benefits these brands’ digital marketing and is a lesson that can be applied to other brands trying to gain big-e-tailer level visibility, minus the big e-tailer.

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