Hoping to spice up the look of their sites, brands are experimenting with features from 360-degree product views to lookbooks. But there’s one such feature that many brands aren’t yet capitalizing on – chatbots. As many as 65% of consumers feel comfortable engaging with a brand via chatbot, yet just 22% have actually done so.

While a majority of retail brands leverage popups for email signups and to promote discounts and sales, only a handful of brands expand on that functionality to guide consumers to related content (such as lookbooks and blog posts) or relevant products. Brands including Absolut, Budweiser, American Eagle and CoverGirl use Facebook chatbots to drive conversions, demonstrating their potential.


Chatbots not only help drive conversions, but also personalize the shopping experience. Most brands already rely on email to deliver personalized customer experiences, from recommending related products to promoting discounts and offers; this functionality would help them reinforce that messaging. In contrast to traditional guided selling approaches such as related product links and shoppable cookbooks, chatbots can help brands immediately capitalize on actions taken by the shopper. For example, they might suggest related looks when a product is added to the cart, increasing the chances of a larger transaction.

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