Email has a higher return on investment than any other marketing format, delivering a median ROI of 122% – four times more than social media, direct mail, or paid search. However, Personal Care brands typically underutilize the power of email marketing, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care.

Two-thirds of the 80 brands in the study collect site visitor email addresses via newsletter or account sign up. Yet most of them fail to leverage that data. Over the seven-week study period, only 40% of the brands that had collected email addresses actually sent an email. The rest missed the opportunity to connect with consumers who had signaled their interest by signing up.

Even brands that did send emails sent only one message every 12 days – far fewer than consumers have come to expect from the brands with which they actively share contact information. In contrast, Beauty brands send one email every six days, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty. While optimal email frequency is an ongoing challenge for marketers trying to maximize open rates, our data shows that only 20% of Index brands sent more than one email over a seven-week period.

Email marketing

With most brands either not collecting email or failing to use the information they collect, Pampers stands out. The baby care brand sets the gold standard for email personalization, helping it reach third place and earn Genius status in L2’s study. Pampers leveraged data collected during account sign up to provide heavily personalized content to consumers. A natural fit for lifecycle marketing, Pampers tailored its communications to the rapidly-changing stages of a woman’s pregnancy or the age of her child, sending one email every five days. Expectant mothers received tips and educational content in the time period leading to the expected birth date, then coupons and product recommendations tailored to the age of the newborn in the following months. Emails systematically used the consumer’s first name and included call-to-action buttons in an effort to drive loyalty and conversion.


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